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Game Features

The environment and inspiration

During the writing of the book, which boasts a deep, complex and non-linear plot, I was inspired by three of the masterpieces that have defined the Cyberpunk genre, namely Blade Runner, Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

These worlds have unique features and describe their stories through the world in which they are told, this really inspired me for the creation of Reborn, the world in which you play has an insane level of detail that will help you to enter, live and become part of the story.

As I always say to all my followers: "Every Corner Matters".

I believe in fact that in many modern games the narrative through the so called "World building" is merely set aside. The world for these modern games is not a vehicle to enter the story, but a "simple place" where the player plays.

I personally believe that the level of visual detail of the world in which you play defines how much the player perceives that world in a realistic way, and it is not Low Poly or photo realism, but detail in the creation of the environment in which you play.

It took three months just to study the lights in Unreal Engine and find the perfect visual mood to tell the story I wrote 8 years ago.

The human race is on the verge of extinction, the population left, 66666 units, lives in a hyper-controlled, narrow, dark and petty world where darkness reigns forever. Everyone thinks only of himself and his survival.

What remains of the society is divided into 6 castes that are forbidden to have contact between them, the city itself and the pure representation of this very strong social division: If you are born in a cast you will never be able to ascend to the next one. By truly developing, the city itself embodies the clear social division.


No, it's not a typo in REBORN we don't have NPC cause they are dumb!


All non-story related AIC are created dynamically from a hardware seed. This means that at the first start the game calculates a number, based on some components of your computer, which is used for the creation of each AIC: You will never find the same AIC on another computer.
This means that the game experience will be REALLY different from one computer to another!

The names of the AIC are created from a database of 12.000 names and surnames, belonging to 7 different races!

The behaviour tree to decide what to do when the APC is thirsty!

What is the origin of this idea?
It comes from the fact that in most of the games npc's are considered as objects, to be killed, robbed or give you a quest, etc etc.
I find this vision really limited, old and not at all immersive.

Imagine if the AIC in the game reacts as other human beings, with their faults and fears and again: imagine that the events of the world affect their actions, their behavior, their mood, their relationships with other npc ... Imagine a real, living world to play in!
Imagine AIC getting married and starting families, making a circle of friends and dating, having jobs, loving, procreating...

And if we wanted to go further...

Imagine that the AIC evolves during the game, its feelings change, its needs evolve....

Imagine then being able to talk to the AIC .... YES, not the usual preset dialogues...
But the ability to write your questions! And let's go further imagine that AIC learn from your questions ... And imagine that you are the one to teach the AIC the meaning of a question and its exact answer!


You are the master of AIC evolution... This opens up thousands of opportunities and different behaviors of APC .

But what does it really mean?

The A.I. of Reborn is one of the most advanced ever created and the goal is to make you feel part of a pulsating and living world in constant evolution: as if you were playing an MMO.

Every single AIC has unique characteristics that will make it behave and interact with the world in a completely different way.

Imagine again that each AIC reacts differently based on their mood and personality.
Let me give you a simple example, an AIC might not go to open his store because of events that affect his mood, and more specifically imagine that there is a riot in the game and that this AIC is scared, he will probably decide not to leave home until the riot is quelled.

Or imagine again that an AIC is at work and a shop, a theater, a movie theater, or anything else that falls under his interests generates an event, the npc will decide based on his characteristics whether to run away from work and go to the event!

Imagine a real world where living beings decide according to their characteristics what to do at any given time!


The Society

The city of the beginning, is the last surviving city on earth after the meteorite holocaust. It is governed by the Onirigi caste and splitted into 6 castes.
The castes represent as many vertical levels of the city, which stretches for almost 1 km in height, and members of a caste can not have contact of any kind with other castes. The very rare accesses between the levels are always closed, and to guard them has been placed a special corp of humans that they call: "The Enhanced", The Legio Phoenix.

Many people who have stumbled into the Legio Phoenix have never returned home ...

Right after the meteor storm the human race almost became extinct and what's left is crammed into this city, no one really knows who or what the Onirigi caste is, some rumors that have spread speak of special beings with special powers, other rumors whisper the word demons.

AICS Living in the world

No one has ever seen them but the repression and the extreme control of the police forces have taken away any kind of hope to the few people who survived the holocaust.
Everyone is now living in fear and depression and absolute terror reigns in the city, the resignation to a poor and hopeless life is now visible in everyone's eyes.

After all, the last meteorite of biblical proportions can now be seen in the sky and the barrier created by Kazeki can do nothing against a MONSTER LIKE THIS.

They all know that they will have to die... soon... very soon...

All the poor, those defined as "useless" for society, have been deported to the Slums, the underground of the city itself: over time the slums have become a city apart, with different rules and laws, where anarchy and terror reigns, and power is in the hands of rival gangs. Every kind of commerce is legal here, from trading in "HUMAN PARTS" to LETHAL bioengineering... No one has access to the Slums, the only entrance is heavily guarded by a platoon of Legio Phoenix.


Every surviving human being has been treated with what they call E-Type, a cerebro-spinal nano-graft that not only allows them to control and monitor all of a person's actions but also to kill them instantly with a simple terminal command.

DEVIN-A1 is the sentient machine that constantly monitors all remaining humanity.

It is said to be impossible to remove the chip.... IT IS SAID...

But a faint hope grows in the hearts of the people: The Rebellion.


What is after death...

There is no Heaven: Life and Death are just a state of things!

Get used to this statement, because your demon heritage will allow you to live on different existential planes, one of them is ALTERVERSE.

After death there is no heaven but only an existential void where the souls of the departed wander for eternity in search of satisfying their needs generated in life by the 7 deadly sins.

The real world and the Alterverse are complementary and during the game you will have to go through different entities to complete missions, understand the story, recover special items and fight terrible enemies.

In the Alterverse, time stops and all beings are suspended and immobile in time, while the demons that inhabit it will be hunting for your black soul: a very dangerous place, full of incredible treasures.

Different missions will introduce you to this place, when you die in game, a tomb will be created in the place where you died, and resurrect as a Reaper in the Alterverse, you will be able to roam freely.

The Aic, whether they are enemies or simple inhabitants of our last and poor city, when they die, from natural causes, diseases, killings or suicide, their body will decompose in play but their black soul will go into the Alterverse.

At the beginning of the game you will be able to access the Alterverse only with death, as time passes in the game, and after a particular event, your third eye will open and you can pass through when you wish ... To return to the real world you will need to go to your grave and interact with it.

All the enemies you defeat in the game will be waiting for you in the Alterverse, more powerful and aggressive, to destroy your black soul.

Those who will not die by your hand will always populate the alterverse and for the most part will be driven by instinct towards the satisfaction of the 7 Deadly Sins.

You will be able to understand what sins they aspire to and then manipulate them in your favor.

Warning: They are always black souls and could easily turn against you.

When you are in the alterverse you will accumulate experience points that will allow you to choose some talents, and upgrade your only weapon: DIREFUL. Direful is the powerful scythe of death, your inseparable companion and the only weapon capable of reaping black souls in the alterverse!

The souls who have not been transfixed by you will follow their instincts guided by the 7 deadly sins:

Anger: The souls push by anger will always be looking for a confrontation with you or with other souls, any pretext is valid to unleash their violence

Avarice: These souls are always close to great treasures and will jealously guard them. They will attack if you try to steal their treasure

Envy: The souls with envy, will find themselves alongside powerful mortals and will try to make them fall out of favor, they are not very dangerous in the alterverse but they could possess a powerful mortal and cause him to rage against you

Pride: These presumptuous souls will always be looking for a verbal confrontation to assert their superiority in any context. Their game is to possess humans and make them evil toys

Throat: These poor spirits will not be harmful, they will be found in places where they can see people eat and satisfy their insatiable appetite, this will allow you to easily corrupt them

Sloth: The slothful souls wander aimlessly, they are very powerful, and have no specific objective, they can be great allies or terrible enemies, but it will be really difficult to involve them in anything since by their nature they are amorphous and insensitive to anything

Lust: These souls are found in nightlife places such as night clubs or red light districts, they will always try to possess humans to make them perform obscene and carnal acts

The black souls, in particular conditions, will be able, through the demonic possession, to infest the body of the living ones and to make them commit petty acts. If you find someone in the real world who will suddenly behave maliciously, they are probably possessed by a black soul.

Exorcism has been added to the list of professions.

If in the game you decide to join the HAMATSU BROTHERHOOD, which is a neutral faction, you can after some studies begin your path as an exorcist and free the poor mortals from demonic possession.

This profession will lead you to be the savior of mortal souls, and to learn complex rituals to cast out demons from the body of the possessed by receiving the gratitude of all saved, notoriety in the city, and receiving special sacred spells.

Even if you decide not to learn the profession of exorcist, you can always free some possessed, looking for the demon who possesses them and kill him, but this in most cases will also lead to the death of the possessed through atrocious suffering. During the exorcism ritual you can subdue the demons to your will and take their soul in SPECIAL EVIL SHARDS.

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