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General Questions
  • What is Reborn: The Mark Of The Blood?

    Reborn is what I call an AJRPG which stands for Adventure Japanese Role Playing Game. If I should choose 3 games, mix them up to define Reborn, these games will be Monkey Island (for the slow paced exploring and adventuring in a wonderfull world), Final Fantasy VII (for the beauty and the depth of the storyline) and Devil My Cry(for the fast paced combat). Reborn is the game I ever dreamt to play when I was a kid, and this is what inspiring me to keep pushing everyday over my limits.

  • The story line is literally huge,The novel consists of more than 300 pages and is based on the eternal conflict between good and evil present in each of us. It speaks of love, friendship, loss, revenge, forgiveness, love, rebirth and defense of the most profound values of the human being even when everything is lost and there is no way out. I think that the overall gameplay with replayability of 2 DIFFERENT STORYLINES, will literally give you hundreds of hours of gameplay, infact at a third of the game you will be placed before a very difficult moral choice, which will lead you to play two completely different storylines.

  • Reborn is in development for more than 2 years at the moment. All systems and main mechanics are done. Now it's time to hire people and produce the content needed to narrate the Novel itself. If all the things will run smoothely Reborn will be in Early Access December 2021.

  • Yes you could. Soon (2021 end of february) I will open a closed alpha for registered and committed members of Reborn's Community. You'll be able to download Reborn: Quest for Santa, which is a minigame which takes place in the Reborn universe and start to enjoy the world I built.

  • Reborn is actually in testing on lots of different machines. One of our testers, tested toroughfully the game on 4K, Epic level of detail at 45fps. on a AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 4,6GHz, 64gb and a 2070s RTX. The min specs to run the game on 30+ Fps, 1080p, are an Intel I7, 8Gb and a 1050 GTX.

  • Actually not, the Novels has been printed in only 20 copies 8 years ago, but if I ever will run a Kickstarter Campaign, it will surely be the highest and the most valuable perk! When the game will be out there will surely be a collectors edition with the Novel HardCopy

  • Actually just me for more than 2 years, but soon the team will be expanded to produce the assets needed to narrate the novel. If you are a talented guys please get in contact with us through the Work With Us page.

Financial Topics
  • Yes you can. Preordering the game will give you lot of benefits like Immediate access to all the closed dev builds, access to the alpha testers special forum and channels, in game rewards like the founders pet, noble title, special founder weapon, coupon for buying your in game house and much much more... You'll become part ot the REBORN project.

  • Yes you can donate to support the project you love. Contributing to the project with a donation will make you an OFFICIAL FOUNDER and you'll have your name in a special section of the game and the final credits, also different perks donations will give you bigger benefits.

  • With my own money and work, soon the game will be submitted to EPIC GAME for asking a MEGAGRANT to hire the team and produce the needed content.

  • I'm really happy for this question, please check, on the ABOUT section of the website, the link for INVESTORS.

  • Actually the goal is getting funded from EPIC MEGA-GRANTS, if this will happen there will be no needed of a Kickstarter campaign for funding the game. If this will not happen I will consider funding through KS.

Other Questions
  • Normally i work on the project 7 days a week an average of 14/16 Hrs a day. Yes I'm Workaholic :]. I worked 6 months Part-Time on the project and after i let my daily job to go full indie to follow my dreams. So at the moment it's 1.5 years that i work at that pace.

  • Unfortunately :] I'm an old guy, I started to code 40 years ago in Assembly, Basic, DBII+ & Clipper Summer 87, Cobol and I progressed through all the computer science evolution during these 40 years. But until 2 years ago I never used any kind of 3d Engine for making games. I was completely ignorant in all the sciences releated to the making of a game. So I started to learn & study hard everday UNREAL ENGINE from EPIC GAMES, and the result you see is Reborn. Luckily my 40 years background in coding and computer science gave me a huge hand in progress at fast pace in the making of the game.

  • For some reasons, probably the first is the fact that I'm full committed to the game and I work 14 hours a day on it, not so many people in the world has the same level of commitment on a project. Second is that I'm really a demanding person at work and I'm a LITERALLY A MANIAC OF DETAILS.

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