Dinosource show: Alexander Paschall Special guest, news
03/02/21, 17:36:35

I was really proud to have such a special guest as Alexander Paschall on our show. Thank you for joining us.

For many people Alexander (UnrealAlexander) has been the face of Unreal Engine for a long time, a time in which he has offered us fantastic content from which, personally, but I believe many other people, have been able to learn to use this wonderful engine.,

When he agreed to join the show, I was literally jumping for joy. His participation, like that of Kait (Alexander's wife) which leads QA, localization, and support of all learn.unrealengine.com and of Jorge Musalem @CoquiGamesDev (technical writer @ Epic) in the other episodes was only possible thanks to the help by @OakTheWise, (Rudy Triplett) which works for Epic too.

All these amazing people talked in our 3 shows and believe me, thay gave a great inside vision on working @EPICGAMES!

Thanks everyone and have fun seeing these streams.