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you are reborn

Sit down... And relax...
Let me bring you in a dense and emotional story where nothing is what it seems.
Enjoy the slow pace of adventuring and exploring a totally new world hand crafted for you.

your companion

The Fenrion
Is one of your in game companions in game, but
also one of your epic mounts.
Let the power flow in to you to tame this mythical beast.

What is after death...

There is no Heaven: Life and Death are just a state of things!
After death there is no heaven but only an existential void where the souls of the departed wander for eternity in search of satisfying their needs generated in life by the 7 deadly sins.

 ...The Awakening
the story

.In a world destroyed, poor and populated by the last surviving human beings, THE CITY is the last bastion of the human race.

Protected by a barrier created by the scientist Kazeki, considered by many to be a mad man, it is the last surviving city on earth, after “THE RED SWARM” of meteors completely destroyed it.

Outside of the city, nobody knows what is going on ... The only thing we know is that the population of the earth has shrunk to 66666 units ... No one knows about events outside the city, whoever it is gone out of town, never came back.

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The environment and inspiration

During the writing of the book, which boasts a deep, complex and non-linear plot, I was inspired by three of the masterpieces that have defined the Cyberpunk genre, namely Blade Runner, Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

These worlds have unique features and describe their stories through the world in which they are told, this really inspired me for the creation of Reborn, the world in which you play has an insane level of detail that will help you to enter, live and become part of the story.


No, it's not a typo in REBORN we don't have NPC cause they are dumb!


All non-story related AIC are created dynamically from a hardware seed. This means that at the first start the game calculates a number, based on some components of your computer, which is used for the creation of each AIC: You will never find the same AIC on another computer.
This means that the game experience will be REALLY different from one computer to another!

The names of the AIC are created from a database of 12.000 names and surnames, belonging to 7 different races!

The Society

The city of the beginning, is the last surviving city on earth after the meteorite holocaust. It is governed by the Onirigi caste and splitted into 6 castes.
The castes represent as many vertical levels of the city, which stretches for almost 1 km in height, and members of a caste can not have contact of any kind with other castes. The very rare accesses between the levels are always closed, and to guard them has been placed a special corp of humans that they call: "The Enhanced", The Legio Phoenix.

Many people who have stumbled into the Legio Phoenix have never returned home ...

Right after the meteor storm the human race almost became extinct and what's left is crammed into this city, no one really knows who or what the Onirigi caste is, some rumors that have spread speak of special beings with special powers, other rumors whisper the word demons.


What is after death...

There is no Heaven: Life and Death are just a state of things!

Get used to this statement, because your demon heritage will allow you to live on different existential planes, one of them is ALTERVERSE.

After death there is no heaven but only an existential void where the souls of the departed wander for eternity in search of satisfying their needs generated in life by the 7 deadly sins.

The real world and the Alterverse are complementary and during the game you will have to go through different entities to complete missions, understand the story, recover special items and fight terrible enemies.

In the Alterverse, time stops and all beings are suspended and immobile in time, while the demons that inhabit it will be hunting for your black soul: a very dangerous place, full of incredible treasures.

Different missions will introduce you to this place, when you die in game, a tomb will be created in the place where you died, and resurrect as a Reaper in the Alterverse, you will be able to roam freely.

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DBT-FMW : Demon Broadcast Television - Facts Not Words
Available free!
Reborn: Quest for Santa Minigame

It is Christmas Eve and Santa has disappeared, no one in "The City" knows Anything about it.
The little kids at Wammy's Orphanage will not have their presents and they will not believe in Santa Claus anymore. The situation here is really heavy.

Will you BE THE HERO who will save Christmas for this little orphans?
i bet you are!!!

Reborn: Quest for Santa is a minigame crafted and created in 1 month, using The Reborn Game Engine(Created in UNREAL ENGINE in 2 years of hard work),
to show you the universe in which the main story take place and introduce to the mechanics of the game.

All Reviews
«I'm really proud to have been showcased many times in the Unreal Engine live streams. Seen my level design workflow there makes me really proud of it.»
You rock Epic!
Amanda Schade
community manager
«Have a look to the new Reborn: The Mark of the Blood Jrpg currently in development by Team Exodus. Featured in the News and community spotlights in Unreal Engine Live Streams.»
Thank you guys!
Ed Orr
«The team behind this ambitious new IP are quick to promise some impressive features. Reborn Mark Of The Blood includes the same sort of narrative arc and side quests that you would expect from a top tier JRPG with...»
Jim Franklin
«If you’re on the look out for a new Sci-Fi JRPG, then it may be worth turning your attention to Reborn : The Mark of the Blood, a game that’s being developed by the the Exodus development team based on a 300 page novel. »
editorial staff
«Moral Choices: A story that branches out to two different storylines depending on the choices you make. A unique lighting and game environment to provide a distinct and memorable atmosphere.
Michele Galluzzi
«Così come possiamo intuire ammirando la demo propostaci dagli autori di questo progetto, Reborn: The Mark of the Blood cala gli utenti in una dimensione piombata nel caos per colpa di uno sciame di meteoriti che...»
editorial staff
«History begins in 2066 when our beloved land was destroyed by a swarm of red meteorites, no one knew where they came from and no one saw them coming … a mystery that is still unresolved.»
Jose A. Castillo
«Reborn – The Mark Of The Blood es un nuevo JRPG de ciencia ficción creado con Unreal Engine 4. Está siendo desarrollado por Exodus Team y estará disponible en Windows para finales de 2020.»
A glimpse of the world...
concept art
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Frequently Asked Questions
You should know this
Let's answer to some FAQ
on the project Reborn: The Mark Of The Blood.
What is Reborn: The Mark Of The Blood?
Reborn is what I call an AJRPG which stands for Adventure Japanese Role Playing Game. If i should define 3 games, mix them up to define Reborn these games will be Monkey Island (for the slow paced exploring and adventuring in a wonderfull world), Final Fantasy VII (for the beauty and the depth of the storyline) and Devil My Cry(for the fast paced combat).
Can i preorder the game?
Yes you can. Preordering the game will give you lot of benefits like Immediate access to all the closed dev builds, access to the alpha testers special forum and channels, in game rewards like the founders pet, noble title, special founder weapon, coupon for buying your in game house and much much more...
You'll become part ot the REBORN project.
When the game will be available?
Reborn is in development for more than 2 years at the moment. All systems and main mechanics are done. Now it's time to hire people and produce the content needed to narrate the Novel itself. If all the things will run smoothely Reborn will be in Early Access December 2021.
Can i play already the game?
Yes you could. Soon (2021 end of february) I will open a closed alpha for registered and committed members of Reborn's Community. You'll be able to download Reborn: Quest for Santa, which is a minigame which takes place in the Reborn universe and start to enjoy the world I built.
what are the minimum reqs to play Reborn?
Reborn is actually in testing on lots of different machines. One of our testers, tested toroughfully the game on 4K, Epic level of detail at 45fps. on a AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 4,6GHz, 64gb and a 2070s RTX. The min specs to run the game on 30+ Fps, 1080p, are an Intel I7, 8Gb and a 1050 GTX.
I love Reborn can i donate to support?
Yes you can donate to support the project you love. Contributing to the project with a donation will make you an OFFICIAL FOUNDER and you'll have your name in a special section of the game and the final credits, also different perks donations will give you bigger benefits.
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